• Absolutely fantastic, can`t thank you enough.

    I always fancied scuba diving whilst I was on holiday but always ended up bottling out so decided to do a try dive in a pool in Sheffield with Diveworld. Initially I thought this wasn't for me & I can't do it but decided not to let fear win and did it again and the second time I loved it but it wasn't enough and I needed more so nipped into the shop for a chat about it and spoke to Steve who is so passionate about the sport and so knowledgeable about it I opted to enroll on the PADI Open Water course which was intense to say the least. The home theory was easy enough but when I was in the water it was a different ball game. I had Jen, Gareth and Denise training me as I lost pace with the rest of the group however they were all brilliant and taught me everything I needed to know (& more).
    When I got out to do the open water assessment at Capernwray (which was a glorious weekend) I was brimming with confidence on the first three dives but on the fourth I had an issue with equalising and got out to regroup. When Mat had finished with the rest of the team he got me back in and on the second time of asking I cracked it.
    Needless to say I'm three short months I've gone from not being able to dive to becoming part of the Diveworld family. I can not recommend them enough, they're all great down to earth people who are so passionate about diving. If like me your unsure call in or nip down on a club night at Ponds Forge.

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  • Over the moon is an understatement.

    After booking a holiday to the Maldives and also our passion for snorkelling and marine life, we thought it would be a good idea to try our hand at scuba diving and try and pass the PADI Open Water course before we go.
    We popped in to see Louise at halfway and booked on the course on the Thursday night and started the confined diving course that weekend ( we had a lot of reading to do beforehand!!!! )
    Louise was our tutor in the classroom with the help of mark and Denise and really made us feel like we had known them for years. Any things we were unsure about we would run over again without any fuss until we were confident enough to take on the exams.
    Steve was our tutor in the water and I'm sure in a previous life he was a fish!!!! He really relaxed us in the challenges ahead and explained everything thoroughly so we understood the reasons behind all the skills even before we had attempted them in the water.
    We passed the exams and confined water skills with flying colours with a massive thank you to the team that weekend.
    So off we ventured to Capernwray for the open water dives on the 7/8 April.
    We arrived at 9am Saturday morning and were greeted with Steve, Matt, Mark, Chris, Dave and Imogen who were in charge of the 6 members of our group. We managed 5 dives over the weekend which Matt was in charge of and briefed us before every dive so we knew what we would be doing every time we entered the water.
    We all qualified as PADI Open Water Divers on the Sunday. (#getinyoubeauty!!!!)
    The patience and professionalism of the team is incomparable and we can't thank them enough.
    Me and Sammie have both struggled with equalising and Mark was absolutely brilliant with us both, getting us down there at a pace which we were comfortable with albeit a little slower than planned!!!!
    Anyone reading this post thinking about diving please give them a call, maybe you too will become a part of this family, otherwise known as Diveworld.

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  • Diveworld have been great throughout our course.

    Thank you. Our instructor Mat Walton was brilliant. Diveworld have been great throughout our course.

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  • Best Instructor Finalist, Sport Diver Awards 2016

    Louise was nominated and voted for in this year's Sport Diver Awards for Best Dive Instructor.
    As a finalist, it is a great achievement for Louise, the Dive Team, our members and Diveworld

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  • "..reinvigorated my passion for diving."

    “I had done a little over half my Divemaster course with a school that then went out of business. It took a further twelve months to muddle through and finish the course. Having few dive buddies and wanting to use my qualification, I walked through the Diveworld door in Sheffield somewhat disillusioned with diving and lacking confidence in skills. I asked Steve Hird if they needed a Divemaster to help out...
    Steve and Louise have reinvigorated my passion for diving. Diveworld have more than honed skills and encouraged further training but have also provided a family of enthusiastic and supportive club members.
    I have just completed my Assistant Instructor course. It was, at times, quite stressful but Steve and Louise have coaxed me through the process, tempering my self critical nature with constant encouragement.
    I realise I am biased in my enthusiasm for Diveworld but having seen other schools and how they operate, I believe that Steve and Louise have the best dive school in Yorkshire. You only have to look at the queue of people who have been trained from scratch, signing up for Divemaster internships to see how good they are at their job.”

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  • "Louise & Steve, you have the most amazing team..."

    “Thank you so much to Diveworld for getting me through my Open water course at Capernwray Everyone's support and encouragement was overwhelming. Louise & Steve, you have the most amazing team of instructors who are all fantastic in the amount of support and patience they have, I simply can't thank you all enough. Gareth, Denise, Mark, Anton and Mark - thank you all so, so much!! By the end of Sunday's dive 5 I could see why you all love diving and really enjoyed our last dive, amazing! Looking forward to seeing you all again at club nights and on future trips  x”

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  • Amazing weekend

    Thank you for an amazing weekend on the open water course last weekend at carpenwray, you made me feel really welcome.
    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for making me feel at ease and well looked after.
    Mark Dethick was very funny and made me laugh all weekend and Gareth Davison, Mark Bray, Denise Lyon and Antony Wilkes made me feel safe during my dives. Thanks to Gareth and Mark for helping me in and out of my dry suit and Kirstie for helping me settle in to the theory part of the course.

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  • Didn`t think I could do it!

    Debbie Wilson It's all thanks to you and the amazing team, from the first night at Ponds Forge when I didn't think I could do it, one of the guys took me 1 to 1 and put me at ease.. No looking back now, it's time to get some dives logged confidence built ready for rescue course xx

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  • Diveworld, A Scuba Family

    My Husband (Paul Beck) and son (Alex Beck) completed there Open Water Course and Dry Suit in February - they first completed the theory and pool at Eckington the training was fantastic and they helped them every step of the way. They then completed there open water dives at Capenwray in Lancaster in 4 degrees all the instructors where fabulous and very knowledgably.

    They then went on to complete there PPB course with them and attend the club nights at ponds forge in Sheffield, the club is so welcoming for both divers and non divers they have a wealth of knowledge and nothing is too much trouble.

    My daughter (Emma Beck) then decided that she didn't want to be left out so has just completed her open water & dry suit this weekend (24 & 25 July ) at capenwray, the teaching, equipment and organisation was outstanding from start to finish. ( Telephone calls, emails and meeting) They made us feel very welcome and nothing was too much trouble they explained everything in detail to my daughter about what she was going to be doing especially about the safety & equipment. The dive instructors were very highly skilled, knowledgeable and inspiring individuals that have left a lasting impression on her that i'm sure she will remember for the rest of her life.

    Dive Instructors Mat Walton - MSDT #646768 Mark Bray Divemaster #380491

    Diveworld is not just a club, its Lousie and Steve (Louise Kiyani IDCS 640295 Steven Hird MI#626900) family that inspires others to share there passion for diving.

    I can't recommend and praise this inspirational club enough.


    Mrs Beck

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  • Would recommend Diveworld to anyone.

    My 13-year-old son and I recently completed our PADI Open Water Course and Dry Suit Specialty with the brilliant Diveworld.
    I would like to thank Steven Hird and Louise Kiyani for their expert tuition in the classroom and the pool. Special thanks must go to Gareth Davison and the rest of our instructors (Mark Bray, Russ Cooksey, Denise Lyon and Sarah Owen), for their support and endless patience in helping us achieve our qualifications I would like to say a big THANK YOU! I also want to thank all the other club members who attended the open water weekend for making it a lovely, friendly social event too.

    Would I recommend Diveworld to anyone thinking of learning to scuba dive? Yes! Without hesitation. It is professionally run and all the instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and very supportive.

    Mick Whincup

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  • No hesitation in recommending Diveworld to anyone.

    Thank you Diveworld for helping me through my Open Water and Dry Suit Speciality Course at Capernwray this weekend. For me it was a great achievement as I have always been afraid of being out of my depth in water. Steve and Louise operate a professional, first class training, their encouragement and support are second to none. I also want to thank Gareth who helped me enormously this weekend, he has the patience of a saint! Also my thanks to Denise, Mark, Russ, Sarah and the rest of the team, you are great guys and Divewold must be so proud of you all. I intend to gain additional confidence at the pool to perfect the skills I have been taught. Can't thank you all enough and have no hesitation in recommending Diveworld to anyone.

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  • Absolute pleasure to be part of this group.

    My wife Carol and I have just returned from our first weekend trip to Capernwray with Diveworld and I must say what an absolute pleasure it was to be part of the group of 24 divers. Carol successfully completed her open water with dry suit speciality thanks to her determination and the Diveworld instructor teams professionalism, encouragement. My weekend was spent observing the 'Rescue Diving' candidates going through their course. This was invaluable to me as I will be taking part in the next course.

    Steve and Louise run a very slick operation and their knowledge of all things diving is second to none. They also have an amazing team of instructors who are very knowledgeable and keen to pass on that knowledge.

    In the short time that I have known the Diveworld team I have gone from a diver who was happy with his lot to one who wants to learn more and develope. This is entirely due to the environment the whole team provide.

    Louise also manages to arrange regular and numerous diving trips both in the UK and around the world.

    Carol and I are both looking forward to our live aboard holiday in the Maldives in January with the Diveworld team.

    Thank you all at Diveworld once again. Safe diving!

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  • From getting in the pool with no confidence at all, the team did an amazing job of getting me through the first weekend!

    Thank you so much to the Diveworld team for getting me through my Open Water and Dry Suit Speciality.The teams patience and kindness really filled me with so much confidence I can't thank you enough. The time and effort put in to the teaching is fantastic you couldn't wish for better instructors. When it came to Capernwray 6 degree water is enough to put anyone off but Mat Walton did a brilliant job of getting me through the open water dives. I loved every minute of it, thank you! Thank you also to Mick Derrick and Chris Brown who were on hand with great support over the weekend. Diveworld really is an amazing team and I would 110% recommend anyone that wants to give Scuba Diving a go to get in touch with the them. Here's to the start of my Scuba Diving adventures!!

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  • Enjoyable session

    Very much enjoyed my session and I will definitely be doing the open water PADI course with Diveworld. Will be in touch to book it!

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  • I have told everyone I can think of what a great experience it was! Thank you all for a very memorable experience.

    I attended your ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ one Saturday at Stocksbridge Sports Centre.

    The tuition was thoroughly professional and the experience progressed smoothly from classroom to poolside, putting on all the tackle, getting into the water and eventually swimming freely about the deep end of the pool.

    The equipment was all first rate and the tutor was outstanding; particularly patient but thorough and authoritative. This is the best £20 worth I can remember for a very long time.

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  • Excellent, patient training.

    Excellent training and loads of patience. After seeing what some divers have been taught elsewhere its frightening. I recommend Diveworld 100%. They make it really easy to follow and work at your pace.

    Read more · by Alison Morton-Hall
  • Brilliant weekend!

    Thank you to all the team!! Brilliant weekend and am now a very happy, happy open water diver! Brilliant staff!!

    Read more · by Amy Bloomer
  • Special thanks to Louise for her support and patience with us.

    Mark and I came to your discover scuba course and we had an excellent time.

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  • Thanks guys at Diveworld Sheffield. ‘B****y’ fantastic.

    Well today I mainly feel like I have been run over by a bus. My DM internship practical has officially started.

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  • Had a lovely time

    Thanks for organising the amazing Farnes trip, had a lovely time. Hope to do it all again soon x

    Read more · by Clare Doyle
  • Special thanks to my instructors over past few weekends Gareth, Mat, Dan, Andy, Louise and everyone else from Diveworld

    Fantastic weekend at Capernwray where I qualified as an open water diver! Such a great group, can’t wait for my next open water dive.

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  • Awesome navigation course.

    Thank you for the weekend. The navigation course was awesome and I had a brilliant time. Weekend was a lot of fun indeed. Recommend it to everyone.

    Read more · by David Brandon
  • That sort of feeling doesn't happen often in ordinary life…so we will treasure it! :)

    We had a great weekend! Despite the cold, the wet and the physical and mental demands…..it was very rewarding! We both left Capernwray with a great sense of achievement. A huge thanks to Steve, Louise, Mat, Dave and Gareth (and Paul for the confined dives) for the top class instruction, encouragement and patience (when things slow and making student mistakes). The number of instructors around us at all times gave us a great confidence too.
    Looking forward to seeing you all at Ponds Forge in January 2015 :)

    Read more · by Des Ryan
  • Fantastic weekend

    Thank you to everyone at Diveworld,congratulations to all the divers what a fantastic weekend.

    Read more · by Daniel Taylor
  • Excellent tuition.

    Excellent scuba tuition – I fully recommend Diveworld Sheffield to any friends wanting to give it a go!

    Read more · by Jess Mullins
  • Fantastic team.

    Fantastic, professional and friendly team of instructors. These guys are excellent and really know their stuff. Just finished a RD course with them – absolutely brilliant.

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  • Amazing experience.

    Thanks again for yesterday – it was an amazing experience.

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  • A big thank you to all you Diveworld guys from Emperor Divers in Hamata!

    It was an awesome week with you all and we already miss you :)
    Hope to see you again …. Karina & Hamata Team

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  • Would highly recommend anyone to give it a go.

    Wondering what to do with myself this weekend after spending the last 2 weekends with Diveworld. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning and the expertise of all staff made it easy for us to pass the theory and move through the diving skills. Diving down to 17m at Capernwray and admiring the sights was more enjoyable because I felt so comfortable with the instructors and their professionalism shone through at all times xx

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  • If you want to learn to dive, do it properly – do it at Diveworld! Your not just learning to dive but joining a family.

    Louise – Steve – Dave and the whole team at Diveworld
    I came to you with a huge request to try and get me diving before my wedding. We had at least 2 weeks – and wow you guys are all amazing and I thank you so much for putting up with me.

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  • Thanks for a great weekend.

    Thanks for a great weekend Lou. I’m so tired now I can’t wait till next weekend for a rest!

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  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you for Saturday – the girls loved it – and have been talking about little else since!

    Really appreciate the trouble you went to to find us the pool too!

    It would be great to see the pics… I can also send you some of ours.

    I have a feeling we will see you again (under h2o) !!!

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  • We all loved it!

    Thanks to all at Diveworld for their patience getting me, Jill, and the kids (Chris and Harry) through our dry suit and ppb courses.

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  • What a great bunch of guys you have working in your organisation!

    Just a quick email to say thanks to you and your team for a fantastic weekend diving at Capenwray.
    I am a firm believer in the value of correct and balanced training, as in my experience this always produces the best results. The training I received was outstanding, as was the patience your team displayed towards all of us as novice divers.
    Thanks again, I can’t wait to dive with you guys in the near future, I am now a convert and full supporter of Diveworld!
    Have a great Xmas, will be in touch soon!

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  • It is nice as non divers to feel involved and welcomed by everyone.

    Eddie loves diving with all the staff, volunteers and members of Diveworld It’s the only thing he enjoys studying for! Even though he finds the theory side difficult he sticks at it. He is definitely at home under the water and definitely feels part of your family.

    Please thank all the team for all their efforts, patience and hard work this weekend, especially ‘Uncle Mat’ (Mat Walton) who was instructing Eddie!
    Looking forward to next time.

    Read more · by Nikki, Graeme and Eddie Lidster
  • Shattered, but a brilliant weekend.

    Yeah, I’m shattered, but it was a brilliant weekend thanks.

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  • The course was excellent – easily the best and most enjoyable PADI course I have completed to date.

    I've just completed a Rescue Diver certification with Diveworld Sheffield under the tuition of Master Instructor Steve Hird.

    The Diveworld team are friendly, professional and supportive but at the same time teach a no nonsense, no compromise style, led by Steve who makes very sure that everyone, instructors and students alike, are operating to the best of their ability.

    It’s my opinion that when you are getting to some of the higher levels of training, this is exactly the right approach and ensures that students really do learn and take their training to heart. When you are performing a rescue there is little or no room for error and that has certainly been drilled into the students taking part by Steve and his team.

    A thoroughly realistic, very demanding, tough and hugely rewarding experience.

    Training and Quality Management appreciates your efforts and wishes you continued success in all your PADI courses.

    Ela Zurawik,
    Co-ordinator, Training and Quality Management, PADI EMEA Ltd.

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  • Steve & Louise accepted an award from Project AWARE at this years Dive Show at the NEC...

    Not only did we make it into Sport Diver again, but also on behalf of everyone from Diveworld who took part, Steve & Louise accepted an award from Project AWARE at this years Dive Show at the NEC for the most bizarre item collected during our Dive Against Debris Clean up. Well done to Angela Wood for discovering the make shift loo

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  • Can I say a big thank you to Lou and Steve for looking after me both in and out of the water!

    You truly are professionals and go on and above what most would expect; Your diveworld team are so dedicated to making the course enjoyable and supporting and encouraging everyone. I can’t believe you were still up posting on FB at midnight, I was that shattered I went straight to bed, couldn’t even manage a brandy. I'm such a lightweight at times.

    Read more · by Rachael Davis
  • The enthusiasm and indeed professionalism you and your staff show is incredible.

    Thank you so very much. Your team always impresses on many many levels. I will write to Padi QMP in due course but thought it worthy of extending my thanks to:-

    Gareth – what a superstar! He is informative and extremely astute. A true professional in everything he does. A great asset to Diveworld.
    David and Mat were the other two members of your team I spent most time with – they are always great to be around, their patience, help and support is so very much appreciated. Again great assets to you.

    Please also extend my thanks to all of your team as they are always on hand to assist and that certainly adds to the great experience that Diveworld provides.

    I'm sure you know how great I thought the weekend was, I'm really enjoying diving with you and your team, the support you've given has made this such a fun and enjoyable adventure.

    Read more · by Rory Campbell-Pilling
  • A big thank you to Steve, Louise and everyone at Diveworld for a fantastic dive weekend (so I’m told!)

    George tells me he’s had a fantastic weekend and I'm sure he will be busy planning his next! Thank you all again x

    Read more · by Sam Collins
  • Quick note from sunny climates, thanks for the instruction and advice over the last year or so..

    Having a great time diving out here and been out at least once each day so far with a night dive planned tomorrow. The standard/lack of training shows what a good job you do as we have been shocked with practices that even we realise as unsafe, so thanks again.

    Read more · by Stuart & Teresa Ellis
  • Great service.

    Great friendly service and I can’t wait to start diving with the team in the new year.

    Read more · by Tracy Shipston
  • The best.

    These guys are the best!

    Read more · by Vincent Baranowski & family