• Steven Hird
    PADI Course Director & Elite Instructor Steven Hird

    Fell in love with scuba watching Jacques Cousteau's Silent World on TV in the 70's.

    I learned to dive with BSAC prior to BCD's and balanced regulators, relearning with PADI was a revelation and modern equipment makes scuba so easy for everyone.

    No favourite scuba pastimes, love it all, if pushed wrecks are a stand out pleasure underwater. Became an instructor in 2003 and have crept up the instructor ladder steadily as the need arose within the dive centre.

    Biggest pleasure is introducing new divers to the delights of the underwater world and sharing their new experiences with them.

    Most enjoyable part of being a PADI Member is that there are new innovations appearing almost daily so there is always something new to learn and explore.

  • Louise Kiyani
    PADI Elite IDC Staff Instructor & Sport Diver 2016 Instructor of the Year finalist

    My idea of facing a fear and doing it anyway was 'if you are frightened of the sea... do what I did and learn to dive!'

    I've been involved in all aspects of Diveworld for over 13 years and have loved teaching people to dive for over 10 years.

    Other hats and plates to spin in the business are organising trips and training schedules, marketing, instructing and dealing with all the excitement of admin. Living the dream and wouldn't do anything else!

  • Gareth Davison
    PADI Elite Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Gareth is a long standing & popular member of the dive team having come through from Open Water Diver to Master Scuba Diver Trainer with Diveworld. You will find him underwater at most of our training weekends and trips. Gareth is our resident PADI Sidemount expert and Instructor.

  • Mat Walton
    PADI Elite Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Mat is one of our longest serving & most popular PADI Instructors having come through from PADI Open Water Diver right through to current level of Master Scuba Diver Trainer with Diveworld, leaving very little out in between. An avid diver, Mat is our PADI Sidemount expert & Instructor. Ever present, you will usually find him underwater on most of our training weekends and trips.

  • Denise Lyon
    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Our most recent instructor to join the Dive Team, Denise brings oodles of energy, enthusiasm and giggles with her. Always fun to have around!

  • Cameron Smith
    PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

    Cam is a widely experienced Instructor getting used to the trying conditions often found in UK waters. After working his way around the world as a scuba instructor he has settled in Sheffield and now with Diveworld. He is the latest welcome addition to our Instructional team.

  • Steve Millard
    Freediving Instructor

    "Hi, my name is Steve Millard, I am a PADI Instructor Trainer in the sport of Freediving. I teach, and I am on the Education commission for the main International Freediving agency, AIDA International. I am happy to announce that jointly with Diveworld we are offering Freediving courses and a Freediving club to add to the activities already on offer."

  • Sarah Owen
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    "I got my first taste of the underwater world in Cyprus in 2009. When I came back, I searched for dive clubs in Sheffield, rang what I thought was ScubaDuba and got Steve!! Best mistake I ever made. Since 2010 I have never looked back (and will probably never get my weekends back either!) Diving is my love, my life and Diveworld are my family."

  • Mick Derrick
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    Mick is a popular and long standing member of the Diveworld team, having originally brought the whole family into Diveworld to learn to dive. He now sits at PADI Assistant Instructor level, having a wealth of experience to draw upon.

  • Dan Hamilton
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    Dan came to Diveworld via the PADI Discover Scuba programme. After a couple of these he jumped onto the PADI Open Water Diver Course and there was then no stopping him since. Dan is currently enjoying being a PADI Assistant Instructor, when work allows

  • Richard Allsop
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    Richard has been with us from the time we opened Diveworld at SDS. Another of our experienced PADI Assistant Instructors, and a popular & experienced member of the dive team.

  • Pip Thorne
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    Pip is another experienced diver, having dived around the world, now bringing this expertise to Diveworld. He can be found on many of our foreign jaunts with the Diveworld club. Currently enjoying PADI Assistant Instructor status, hopefully looking towards full OWSI in 2016.

  • David Yates
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    Dave has blasted through the ranks showing great aplomb at all levels of training. Recently qualified as PADI Assistant Instructor, the whole team is looking forward to welcoming him to full Instructor status in 2016, if we can keep him away from Lanzarote for long enough!

  • Chris Brown
    PADI Assitant Instructor

    I wish I had started scuba diving when I was twenty! I have been an electron microscopist, flown planes, been a fire fighter and even tried freefall parachuting. Nothing beats the thrill of scuba diving. When I'm walking down to the water with a ton of weight on my back, I sometimes question why I'm doing this, then I get into the water and I say to myself - oh yeah, that's why!

  • Andrew Ducker
    PADI Divemaster

    Andy is a recently qualified PADI Divemaster, having grafted to achieve the ranking he now brings his calm, relaxed style to most of our PADI Discover Scuba Diving sessions and club nights. Loves warm water diving and we regularly lose him to foreign destinations, luckily he always comes back to join us.

  • Paul Pursehouse
    PADI Divemaster

    I started diving in Lanzarote in 2007 and have never stopped, I've taken numerous courses with various dive schools and am now with Diveworld, joining their dive team in 2013. As you can probably see from my photo I'm always up for a laugh, but aim to be totally professional when diving. We are currently trying to twist Paul's arm to move up to Instructor level.

  • David Wood
    PADI Divemaster

    I am David Wood, retired teacher, steam-engine enthusiast and avid diver. My wife, Angela, and I were fortunate enough to be introduced to scuba by Diveworld and have not looked back since. It is now my great pleasure to be a Divemaster on the Diveworld Team and have the privilege of introducing others to the sport I love.

  • Edward Weldon
    PADI Divemaster

    Edward recently qualified as PADI Divemaster. Always calm and collected underwater, Edward is also a climbing and outdoor pursuits Instructor and the crossover of method works very well for him and within the dive team.

  • Mark Bray
    PADI Assistant Instructor

    Mark has it bad! From zero to hero in a matter of 12 months! That's from open water diver to PADI AI . Mark has applied himself to such a degree that he has PADI Instructor in his sights already. We love ambition. Looking forward to seeing more of Mark's progress with Diveworld

  • Angela Wood
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Angela has made scuba a family affair, with herself and Divemaster husband David being an integral part of our dive team. She has experience of both warm and cold water diving and is currently working towards the coveted target of PADI Divemaster.

  • Claire Bellamy
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Claire is a long standing Diveworld diver, and as with many of the dive team, has worked within the club gradually climbing the ranks, gaining experience and expertise. Having recently bitten the bullet, signed up for the PADI Divemaster Intenship, she is now working on the practical aspects of learning to be a PADI professional.

  • Lee Dyson
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Lee has a wealth of experience having trained with BSAC originally and bringing a calm and friendly manner with him, he is a welcome addition to PADI and the Diveworld team. Lee is a hardcore diver and can be relied on when diving. Fully expect Lee to qualify in 2016, and move onto full PADI Instructor ranking too.

  • Alex Baines
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Alex came to Diveworld to try a PADI Discover Scuba Dive. Obviously approved, and has worked his way through the ranks until deciding to work towards becoming a PADI Professional. Alex is a methodical, calm and thoughtful diver and brings this to his work in the pro ranks. Currently working his way through the PADI Divemaster Internship.

  • Nick Yates
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    My day job is being a Physics teacher at a grammar school in Birmingham. Diving pretty much fills my spare time particularly with PADI Divemaster training. My very first dive was on the Great Barrier Reef and that is where I caught the bug. Nick is currently involved in the development process of the PADI Divemaster course and understands the quality of training within Diveworld.

  • Tim Martin
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Tim is another long standing Diveworld diver who started diving by learning to dive with the school and worked his way steadily up the PADI ladder. Currently well into the Divemaster internship and should gain his professional rating during 2016. You can find Tim on many of the club trips and training venues around the UK. A big fan of UK diving, as are most of the dive team.

  • Joe Bamforth
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Another experienced young diver with a calm, relaxed manner, he joined Diveworld to do the PADI Rescue Diver course. Joe is another recent, welcome sign up the the PADI Divemaster internship with Diveworld.

  • Russ Cooksey
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Russ is another recent signing to the team who learned to dive with Diveworld, recognised the quality of training and has stuck around. He has accompanied us regularly on dive trips both in the UK and abroad. Russ' attention to detail and enthusiasm is welcomed to the team and we are all looking forward to his progression to full PADI member status.

  • Anton Wilks
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Recently signed to the dive team, Anton is a seasoned diver, trained from the off with Diveworld and now a Diveworld Divemaster intern.

  • Kirstie Beresford
    Divemaster Intern

    Kirstie is one of our newest Divemaster recruits. Having only started diving in 2015 she is making rapid progress and is keen to become a PADI Pro

  • Mark Dethick
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Mark has just signed up to the Dive Team after being bitten by the Diveworld bug! we are all looking forward to seeing him become another one of our PADI Pros!

  • Shannon Allsop
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Shannon joined the club as PADI Rescue diver and is working through the internship bolstering up her skills and capabilities. Young and capable we are looking forward to helping Shannon reach her diving goals. Another welcome member of the Diveworld team.

  • Holly Brookes
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Another welcome new face to the dive team, Holly will be combining getting used to cold water diving, having done most of her diving abroad, with becoming a PADI Professional, and of course the minor distraction of university studies.

  • Oliver Hughes
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Oliver is an experienced young diver bringing a high skill level to his intern role. Expectations are high that Oliver will combine his internship and university studies and come out shining in both endeavours. One our more recent intern sign ups, Oliver is a welcome recent addition to the dive team.

  • Yvonne King
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    An experienced diver, all with Diveworld, Yvonne adds her great "people Skills" to the team. Currently making steady progress through the internship fitting it in with her work as a barrister.

  • Alan Bamber
    PADI Divemaster Intern

    Alan is fitting his PADI internship in to a busy life, so it is slow and steady progress.

  • Jade Richardson
    Divemaster Intern

    I tried diving in Cyprus and found being able to breathe and explore underwater amazing! After doing my PADI Open Water in Egypt, I was hooked and wanted to progress. I looked for a dive club,found Diveworld and since then all my dive training with has been with them. One of my best diving experiences to date was diving with 20+ schooling Hammerheads. Wish I'd started sooner!

  • Stuart Ellis
    Divemaster Intern

    Working on his bio!

  • Teresa Ellis
    Divemaster Intern

    After a few holiday try dives and a nervy start to my diving training, my husband and I joined Diveworld in 2014 and...WOW what a difference! I now can't wait to get back in the water

  • Dagmara Blaszczyk
    Divemaster Intern

    I started diving to overcome my fear of water, challenge myself and find a get away place all at the same time. One December evening I decided this is it "now or never!" It's the best thing I've done in my life (despite doing open water in 6 degrees!) The list of rewards is endless, the sense of achievement, feeling part of a team and seeing breathtaking aquatic life!

  • Matt Mycroft
    Divemaster Intern

    awaiting bio

  • Carl Webster
    Divemaster Intern

    Carl is an experienced diver with a self proclaimed dislike of cold diving. Makes him a natural for Divemaster Intern in the UK. Carl`s justification is that he is determined to do the course with a centre he can trust and this is worth braving the hated cold. He can be found hugging the radiators at most dive sites!

  • Imogen Cain
    Divemaster Intern

    having learned to dive with Diveworld Imogen is working towards PADI Divemaster with the aim of using the credential in her career as a stunt woman.

  • Michael Dwyer
    Divemaster Intern

    Mick is a personal trainer so will be licking the dive team into shape during his internship.