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Bringing Some Fun Back.

Bringing the fun back. There can be no denying the last few months have been a tester for most people. The lifestyle we have all had to adopt has been alien to everyone bar the odd hermit. A return of some of the pleasures of […]

The New Normal!

Return to a Better Normal.           Most of us are shaking off the cobwebs after an unprecedented period of hibernation and are hoping to return to a normal life. The latest awful trend phrase "New Normal" springs to mind, yuk!         […]

Where`ve They Gone????

Don`t miss it untill it`s gone.                                                            Came to mind wandering around a local shopping centre, a cafe that has been around for ever, slightly care worn and homely, always full of pensioners it seemed, run by a husband and wife team. This time it`s […]

I Gave Up Diving.

I used to dive but gave up............A statement we hear too often. So why and what do we do about it? Seems too simplistic to say that divers who are active don`t tend to drop out. One of the main reasons divers give for dropping […]