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Buoyancy Vs Brexit

Opinion StevenHird COMMENTS 26 Jul, 2017

Both subjects have been the cause of much discussion and argument of late. Can`t do much with Brexit, but lets discuss buoyancy control.

There has been a real dogmatic undercurrent by various contingents of the scuba training industry, you would think that the millions of divers who happily play underwater on a worldwide basis are lucky to have survived with the training that has been given.

So much fuss being made about perfect horizontal position with feet up and only a certain way to fin, no denying this “tec” position has many benefits, it is more important to most people that they can feel relaxed and comfortable when diving. A variety of finning actions should not be a worry to anyone, with divers using the one appropriate to the dive they are doing.

Remember how you were taught to drive, hands at “ten-to-two” on the steering wheel, how many of you still keep your hands there at all times I wonder?

Diving for the huge majority of people is a fun exciting activity, maybe carried out on holiday once or twice a year, should we deny these people access to the water because their buoyancy becomes a bit rusty?

Good buoyancy control should be the ambition of every diver, but the level of this control has different meaning to every diver. Let`s by all means promote this by role modelling the best practices, but also have an understanding that not everyone has the desire to have pro-level skills, they just want to enjoy the underwater world.


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