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Keeping It Local, A Project Aware Initiative.

Environment StevenHird COMMENTS 26 Jul, 2017

We at Diveworld attempt to be great advocates for protecting the aquatic environment and Project AWARE.

In the past we have traveled to a variety of dive sites both in the UK and while out on trips worldwide, and carried out Dive Against Debris clean ups. Check out the video clips on our gallery page to see how much fun these events are.

Rather than having to travel all the time, we have decided to bring it more local. Not having too many local dive sites around we have looked a little outside the box, something that will benefit the community around the dive centre.

Our latest project is to adopt the River Rivelin.  The river runs from Hallam Moor right down into Malin Bridge where it joins the River Loxley  just behind the dive centre in Hillsborough.

The Rivelin Valley is a historic and very beautiful area of Sheffield, there is evidence of settlement right back to medieval times. There is still evidence of up to 21 ponds created to serve the numerous mills that dotted the valley along the natural river.

The aim is to work in collaboration with the Rivelin Valley Conservation Group (RVCG), and Sheffield Council to clear the river of litter debris and natural blockages. The main aim is to prevent debris, especially plastic from traveling through the waterways until it eventually ends up in our ocean, and secondly to keep the area beautiful and debris free to protect the plentiful wildlife inhabiting the locale.

As usual we will be appealing to Diveworld members to support our quest to put something back into the environment that we receive so much pleasure from. Non members are welcome to join in too. Please keep an eye out on here and Facebook for upcoming dates, we are finalising the dates right now.

Make a difference be AWARE with Diveworld.

litter in the rivelin valley

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