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Diving StevenHird COMMENTS 26 Jul, 2017

An uplifting experience this week with a PADI ReActivate diver, Steven Storey.

Steven was stricken with Muscular Sclerosis which deteriorated his health at such a rate that he was paralysed and needed 24hour care.

After pioneering stem cell therapy, he has made an amazing recovery, still uses a wheelchair but is mobile.

Steven is using scuba as a superb form of rehabilitation and we had the privilege of taking him through his return to scuba diving, the pleasure on his face during (leading to a few flooded masks) and afterwards was a pleasure to observe and really brought home the simple delights of weightlessness and just blowing bubbles underwater.

You can share the experience with us on our video page, better still come and blow bubbles with us.

Look out for Steven`s story on TV soon.

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