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Hardhat Experience Day

Diving StevenHird COMMENTS 22 Apr, 2018

Another fun packed day at the Diver Training College in York.

21 divers had a full briefing from Steve Fila ranging from Daltons law through to ignition theory, doesn`t sound like an ideal way to spend a Sunday, but Steve has a knack of making physics fun, where was he when I was at school?

Down to 50 metres then in the chamber, cue giggles and silliness and then a slow ascent, all regulated in pro style.

Lunch time is spent devouring Trish`s slap up two course lunch in the colleges own pub.

Afternoon shift was in the tank experiencing the delights of Traditional Dress, makes you realise how free and easy scuba is. The Ocean Reef Integrated Mask was welcome in the cool pool, made filming easy too with the huge field of vision and no fogging. Give us a call if you would like to try a full face mask out for yourself.

Thanks to Steve, Trish, Mark & Rich for a great day at the college.

Check out the attached video snippet and get in touch if you would like to join us on the next visit to the Diver Traing College.

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