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Unexpected Ending To A Lovely Weekend

Diving StevenHird COMMENTS 29 Oct, 2018

Plymouth Wreck weekend, October 2018

Last weekend was our final 2018 weekend jaunt to the UK coast.

Plymouth is a long haul but to visit such iconoc wrecks such as James Egan Layne &  Persier, it is well worth the trek.

Diving with In-Deep from the Mountbatten Marina, we had a boat and a half full of eager Diveworld divers.

After a pint at the Mountbatten Hotel for supper and a hearty Mountbatten full English, we were ready to board Seeker for the short sailmout to Scylla. Conditions were ideal with bright sunshine and hardly a ripple on the sea.

HMS Scylla has colonised from an antiseptic tin can, which we found 3 months after it was first purposefully sunk in 2004. Today the 113 metre long wreck is a haven for sealife and looks like it has been there for eons. Visability was around 5m, crystal clear inside however. The bow sits at around 12m so is an ideal, easy start to the day. Everyone had enjoyable first dives.

Surface interval on Seeker has James & Conan serving hot drinks all around and a pasty goes down really well. thanks guys for a really enjoyable weekend.

Second dive is probably everyones favorite, ss James Egan Layne. This is a typical liberty ship, torpedoed in 1945. Probably the most dived wreck in the UK and the main reason Scylla was sunk close by. Visability on the wreck was good, around 6m, and with bright sunshine there was plenty to see. Expertly shot just behind the first hold we had great dives accompanied by abundant fish life. a good few conger eels were in evidence, enjoying the protection of the collapsed steel plates.

Day two started in the same way with a good breakfast and bright sunshine. There was more of a swell which did not sit well with everyones breakfast! We now all now know which is the leeward side.

First off it was SS Persier, deeper than day one so we made the most of the available bottom time patrolling the huge boilers. Check out the short trip video on You Tube

This where the unexpected happened. After the lunchtime pasty a call came over the radio for  all boats to search for a diver missing from Bovisand, close to our location. Seeker immediately joined both the inshore and offshore RNLI boats and some other small dive boats to patrol the coastline with everyone lining the sides keeping watch. The search went on for a couple of hours until a further call came out that he had been found close to shore. One of our divers, Dr Gavish Munbauhal, was picked up by the inshore rhib and wisked across to the casualty to assist. The diver, a 56 year old local diver, was swiftly airlifted to Derriford Hospital but tragically,  was pronounced dead. Our thought are with his family.

Even though this was a tragic ending to this wekend, Plymouth wrecks are a superb trip and we can`t wait to return to our favorites, HMS Scylla & SS James Egan Layne in 2019. Why not join us? Check out Diveworld Trips for this and many more dive opportunities with Diveworld in 2019.

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