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Life & Times Of A Trip Organiser

Opinion StevenHird COMMENTS 29 Nov, 2018

Easier to knit fog?

Sat in the dentist waiting room reading `ye olde readers digest`, the most recent magazine on the table, an article caught my eye regarding stress. It was based around a survey of life events and the stresses caused by each. Much mention was made of divorce, moving house, examinations etc. A survey by eminant phychiatrists Holmes & Rahe was consulted to create a league table, suprisingly organising a dive trip came nowhere upon that list, I must protest.

We have been pulling together our trip list for 2019 over the last week or so, fitting dates to availability, costings, gauging popularity from previous years and all the rest. All very business like and straightforward. No great stresses involved as we are dealing with professionals who have done this hundreds of times.

Now comes the fun (did I say fun?) part, we realease the list to the club, stand back and breathe, or maybe hold the breathe bit.

Can I use my camper to save money? Can I get a different flight? I will only go if I can have seat 4B with the little telly and triple leg room. Is the Stella vegan?

Incredibly we manage to run a dozen or so, successful and enjoyable dive trips each year. We do seem to be buying more hair dye than ever before so the scars are there. 2019 looks on paper to be one of the most exciting trip years we have ever had, ranging from the first, a visit to Diver Training College in York for their amazing Hardhat & Chamber Experience in March, stopping off in Marsa Shagra, Red Sea, Plymouth for the wrecks, old favorite, St Abbs on the Scottish borders, Isle Of Man, Lochaline in the beautiful Scottish highlands, Red Sea Liveaboard, always popular, seal diving around the Farne Islands and the culmination of our travel year our 20th anniversary special Philippines in November. In between all, this don`t forget the monthly weekend at Capernwray and a club day at Stoney Cove.

Hope you will agree, a superb array of diving experiences to go at, hopefully something to satisfy everyone (hard to type with the fingers crossed). So please click on the links, check out the amazing trips, all with top line operators, and join us in 2019 to dive, dive, dive.

If messrs Holmes & Rahe survey had been complete, organising dive trips would definitely register in the top five.

Be kind to your dive trip organiser, book on a Diveworld trip today!


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