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Why Padi?

Opinion StevenHird COMMENTS 12 Dec, 2018

Why choose PADI?

With new diver training groups sprouting up left right and centre, the choice of who to train with can often be quite random. End of the day most people just want to dive!

When I first started, there was little choice, PADI was a foreign agency (damn yanks coming over here and stealing our divers,etc). It boiled down to finding a local club and signing up, no questions asked.

Shoppers nowadays seem more switched on, there is more information out there than ever before, and definitely want more choice. Too many variables can lead to poor decisions being made however. Think back, when signing up for an initial dive course, how much did you actually know about what you purchased? Did you just decide on the lowest priced option? How many other factors did you weigh up?

The impact of poor choices is often only felt when it is too late:

  • Training of low quality, you only discover when you start diving for real.
  • No ongoing training, small dive schools are often limited in scope &  opportunity.
  • No chances to dive after qualification, is there an active club attached to your school?
  • No one to dive with, does the school offer trips and travel opportunities?
  • Will my qualification be recognised? Not all are universally.

PADI as an organisation have always been at the forefront of scuba training. They developed the further education system that has been copied by most other agencies. All PADI schools are closely monitored with a proactive quality management system that ensures a high level of training throughout. The PADI certification is accepted without reserve anywhere in the world and is the way a huge majority of people learn to dive.

One of the biggest pleasures is the flexibility of learning possible within the PADI system, there is no dictation of how you can learn. Cutting edge course materials with a choice of traditional manuals, e-learning on computer and touch products for your tablet, allow every student the chance to learn how they want to learn, always with the support of a PADI Instructor every stepof the way.

As a professional, I know the amount of support available within the PADI system for both dive schools and divers themselves. I made my decision to aim at becoming one of the best within what I perceive to be the strongest and highest quality training organisation, proven over 50 years not just a couple.

Check out if we are succeeding, our testimonials give a taste of what our customers feel about their Diveworld experiences. Better still, come join the best, PADI Divers.

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