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Why Choose To Diveworld As Your Dive Club In Sheffield?

Diving StevenHird COMMENTS 25 Jun, 2019

A dive club is a dive club, right?

You would think!                                 

Often, a bit like getting married, you find out the monster within once it`s too late.

One of the most important features of any dive club is that it offers lots of chances to dive. Sounds obvious does it not? A club that has no foundation other than to teach you to dive leaves you with nothing other than a plastic qualification card at the end of your scuba course, how exciting.


The bit you don`t see, or have to pay for, is by having experienced divers around all the time you absorb new skills and techniques without realising, invaluable to new divers especially.


Lets list the strengths of a good scuba club.

  • An established regular club meet up. Ours are every other week, with a pool dip and then a social afterwards.
  • Extensive choice of monthly, UK dive excursions, using the most knowledgeable  local skippers in each locale.
  • Guaranteed courses each month throughout the year, usually on demand-when you want them.
  • Extensive choice of foreign trips to the best diving destinations worldwide.
  • Vastly experienced scuba instructors, offering the full range of PADI courses.
  • Almost every possible scuba course imaginable on offer (the only one`s not are logistically almost impossible to put on).
  • Availability of impartial equipment counseling, ensuring you get the correct gear to dive with.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow with support from those around you.
  • Scuba certification through the biggest and best training organisation, that is recognised throughout the world without exception. "PADI-The Way The World Learns To Dive"
  • The best part, belonging to the Diveworld Club is Free.

    Give us a call and come and have fun with the biggest and best, Diveworld.

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