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Take Me To My Happy Place

Opinion StevenHird COMMENTS 19 Nov, 2019

Can Scuba effect mental wellbeing?

Bit of a buzz about mental health awareness and mental wellbeing at the moment. All to the good that these, often hidden, issues are being aired and brought out into the open rather than something to be looked at as a weakness or stigma.

One of the best quotes I have ever seen in regard to this subject came recently from a guy embarking on a Deptherapy programme "The ocean works for me because my head goes quiet underwater" Follow the link to see his interview.

Personally I have found that whenever I have been out on a dive, whatever issues I took in with me that may have seemed heavy and intollerable weights, suddenly lessen in importance. They still exist but are not at the forefront of my existance. This has always been hugely balancing and beneficial.

Everyone handles their stresses in different, individual ways, self-medication seems popular be it drink, drugs or whatever poison helps. Therapy through action, or maybe distraction, always feels a much healthier pathway, lasts longer and leaves no lasting hangover. Yoga and meditation have proved popular for some, but I have found standing still or sitting , my mind wanders back to the problems.

Underwater the focus is on doing the things that help you survive, no room for outside issues. A great way to forget your immediate troubles, even for a little while. The cammeraderie of other divers always helps too, shared experiences are a great bonding tool.

Why not find your own happy place? Come and try a therapy session yourself, be it in the pool with a Discover Scuba, or really deep therapy on the PADI Open Water Course. As someone once said, Dive Happy, Dive PADI. Get in touch if you want to know more.



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