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I Gave Up Diving.

Opinion StevenHird COMMENTS 17 Jan, 2020

I used to dive but gave up............A statement we hear too often.

So why and what do we do about it? Seems too simplistic to say that divers who are active don`t tend to drop out. One of the main reasons divers give for dropping away from being an active diver is losing contact with the buddies they dived with. Just think, by joining a dive club your choice of buddies will be multiplied many fold, not much chance of no one diving and so easily achieved.

Choice is vital though, make sure the club is on the same wavelength as you. Pointless going to the closest club if they are all raving techies and you just want to stay in the shallows pointing your Go-Pro at fishies. A good dive club will have a wide variety of activities to offer, allowing anyone to try out more challenging activities without huge commitment and allowing educated choices to be made.

Diving new regions can refresh interest, there is a huge difference in our Plymouth wreck trip compared to the Lochaline trip, even though they both involve wreck diving. Try both see for yourself. Our foreign trips cover most of the worlds best diving regions, Red Sea, Maldives, Mexico and so forth. If you are not salivating yet then I need to try harder.

How do you know if you will mesh with a dive club? You don`t, not until you get involved. The main reason we don`t charge for membership of the Diveworld club is so that anyone can come along and give it a go, getting involved to their own comfort level and see for themselves. Our club nights every second Monday evening are a great way of breaking the ice and getting to know everyone. We just want more people to dive and love it as much as we do.

All our trips are completely organised so that really the only commitment is to turn up on times agreed, as easy as it can be. Is that not enough incentive to give it a go?

The school can take you as far as you want to go. We train under the Professional Association of Diving Instructors banner (PADI), the most popular and accessible training agency and method without question and accepted worlwide. A few of our in-house trained PADI staff had no intention of becoming Instructors until they got involved, once in the club they found a love for the sport and moved on from there. There is no ceiling with Diveworld and PADI.

So what can I say to you other than come diving? Discover how Diveworld is unique in it`s ambiance and ambition in wanting the best for all members,  enjoy your scuba certification to the fullest. Check out our Testimonials for true, word of mouth reviews from our divers. Cant wait to hear from you.

Our next trip is Lochaline on the West Coast of Scotland, always a superb trip and well worth the journey for the quality of the diving. Another fun experience everyone should try is the Hardhat dive in York, an indoor day of fun and laughs with a unique & different diving experience.

Get in touch if you want to know more about any of our activities, whichever you choose you will receive a warm Diveworld welcome.

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