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Worth The Wait? The New Scuba X-deep Regulator.

Equipment StevenHird COMMENTS 24 May, 2021

You must have gotten taken in by advertising hype about the next big thing?  Music release, film, car, sporting star?

When we heard that X-Deep were releasing a new regulator concept it was hard not to be sceptical. Would it be just reinventing the wheel? It was hard to see how regulators could be improved from the existing star performers from Apeks and the like.

Should have had more faith! After  seeing what X-Deep have done with the simple wing and the brilliant performance of their NX series buoyancy devices, the NX700 more than lives up to everything we were promised.  They even reinvented and improved the humble bolt snap.

The LS200 second stage looks flash but is pretty standard in shape and size, similar to the Apeks XTX shape and size, like Apeks the pre dive and venturi levers are easy to use, even with bulky gloves in cold water. More importantly they are effective. No hint of free flow and you can feel the ease of breathing change if you tighten up the venturi. In simple terms you get the breath you are comfortable with.

X-Deep have a reputation for robust, solid equipment and the NX700 looks and feels to be upholding that ethos.  The 1st stage is the real show stopper in the package. It has two fixed high pressure ports so a gauge and transmitter can be accommodated. Add to that five low pressure ports allows the regulator to be configured to whatever is your preferred style of diving.

The high gloss chrome body is environmentally sealed of diaphragm design, again similar to the Apeks mould that has proven its worth over the years. This is where it gets interesting. A rotating rear portion of the body holds three low pressure ports allows hoses to have a smooth routing ensuring no kinks or reductions in gas flow, or undue wear on hoses.  This can also be locked to hold the configuration, or left floating so that long hose deployment in any position is a cinch.

Having dived with the regulator set up for sidemount along with the Stealth wing, I loved the breathe and the ease of use. I was not a fan of the mouthpiece, too soft for my taste, easily rectified however.

A hidden bonus was that our dives were in really poor visability and the guys who were following me said the 2nd stage really "glowed" underwater so they could see me from a distance.

Best news of all we have demo kit in Diveworld so book in for a set at one of our club pool sessions and try them out for yourself, sure you will be as impressed as I was. Nice work X-Deep!

NX700 X-Deep regulators


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