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RED SEA LIVEABOARD 2019 Rocky Island, Zabargad & St John`s

Red Sea Liveaboard: Rocky Island, Zabargad & St John`s 9th-16th September 2019, £1499.             Birmingham Flight direct to Marsa Alam International Airport. Embark at Port Ghalib.

Our final visit to Egypt for 2019 is a tour around some of the most exquisite reefs in the Southern Red Sea.

  • Rocky Island, a fringing reef, totally surrounding the entire perimeter of the island, steep drop-off`s mean you have to keep a sharp look out into the blue for the palaegics attracted by strong currents.
  • Zabargad, A mountain reaching out of the water surrounded by a lagoon and circling reef. There  are a couple of small wrecks to enjoy along with the stunning variety of corals and reef fish.
  • St John`s, The most Southernly part of the tour, and right on the Tropic of Cancer, the chain of dive sites has variety enough to please everyone. Drop offs, tunnels and vast, stunning hard coral formations to take your breath away. Umm Kharalim (St John`s caves) is a photographers dream so get the Go-Pro`s charged up. You may find yourself accompanied by paleagics at any time during the tour.
  • Fury Shoal`s, is a large cluster of reefs offering relaxed, but very beautiful diving. Each site is unique and diverse, even a couple of small wrecks to visit highlighting the unpredictability of the Red Sea.
  • Elphinstone Reef, A Red Sea Legend! One of our favorite stop offs, Elphinstone is a long slender cigar shaped reef with plateaus on each end. Unpredictable and exciting this reef always lives up to its iconic status. Hammerhead, Thresher and Oceanic Whitetip sharks are regular sightings along with Manta Rays and Dolphin. A liveaboard is a superb base to experience this to the max.

On top of this we are berthed on Blue Horizon one of Blue O2`s flagship liveaboards so expect top diving, top eating, an amazing crew and with Diveworld onboard the best company for the week. We offer courses during the tour. Skills such as Enriched Air Diver and DSMB are great aids to your full enjoyment of the trip so we make these available prior to the trip, please ask us for details in plenty of time.

A deposit is required to secure your place so please contact us for payment details so as not to miss out on this superb trip.