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REVIEWS Here`s what people say about their Diveworld experience.

Both myself and my girlfriend completed the course and we’re extremely satisfied with it. We felt that the instructors did a fantastic job through out the course. They explained and demonstrated the skills we were required to complete very clearly so we knew exactly what to do in the water. We never felt pressured as they we’re very patient and ensured that everyone got everything correct and didn’t rush anybody. Both instructors were very friendly and relaxed which made us feel incredibly relaxed and safe when under the water. They helped with all aspects through out the weekend and were a pleasure to learn from. As well as the instructors Dave Yates and Shaun Hickey, the entire team at Diveworld were great.

Sam Ashworth PADI Open Water Course November,2021,UK

We recently completed two PADI Specialty courses with Diveworld, Peak Performance and Delayed Surface Marker Buoy. As always with Diveworld the training was fantastic especially from Instructors Sarah Owen #323882, Paul Pursehouse #354680 and Lee Hewitt #261119. Thanks

Richard & Alex Boursne November,2021,UK

I have recently passed my Advanced Diver Course with Diveworld. I'd recommend Diveworld to anyone with full confidence who is wanting to get into scuba diving. I got in touch with them letting them know what my diving aspirations are and what I needed to get to where I wanted to be. From the very beginning, Louise and Steve have been so helpful in guiding me through what I need. Steve Planned a bespoke 1 to 1 advanced diver course which lasted a week, where we did everything needed to pass the course. I felt in safe hands 100% of the time and learnt a lot very quickly thanks to Steve's expertise. I am carrying my diving journey on with Diveworld and have my Rescue Diver Course booked in! I can see myself staying and expanding my skills with Diveworld for a long time to come!

Ewan Neal,November,2021,UK

Russ (Cooksey) has been amazing with Peter. He is worth his weight in gold and more. Rob and myself are so proud of how Peter has managed and what he has achieved. Peter is certainly keen to continue his scuba diving journey with yourselves.

Peter Armstrong, October 2021, Hartlepool

It was an honor to learn from Steve. His decades of experience come through with his calm demeanour and ability to react to all situations. Anyone who has a chance to be his student will quickly realise you learning from one of the best

Jason Burton,September 2021,UK

I have just completed my diver rescue course with Dive World Sheffield. This has been in my opinion a brilliant course which was both well managed and complete in its content. I will recommend without hesitation all divers to complete this course. The learning curve was steep and very well managed. Well done Steve and Louise, I appreciate all your hard work.

Ian Curtis, August 2021,Sheffield

I recently completed my PADI rescue course with Diveworld. This was certainly the toughest course I have completely in Scuba diving. Steven and his team certainly put us through our paces, as this course requires. Steven and everyone at Diveworld where very knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and very experienced. I would highly recommend Diveworld to anyone in the Sheffield area or willing to dive that little bit further to go there. Looking forward to completely more courses at Diveworld.

Sarah Armstrong, August 2021, Hartlepool

Brilliant PADI Dive Rescue Course. A must if you are a professional minded scuba diver intent on being the best diver possible. Well managed course at Dive World Sheffield. A great team.

Ian Curtis, August 2021,Sheffield

Diveworld are a great club I started at the club with a discover scuba session. This was great start, allowing me to familiarise with the equipment, it was an enjoyable experience introducing me to aspects of safety and use of equipment, signals and so forth. After that we attended a club night where we expanded on that, taking in another pool session and learning more skills. Following on from that and after reading and listening to all the coursework, we did theory for the day were we learned more skills including proper assembly and disassembly of the equipment. At the end we all took the theory exam. Next, we did the confined water part of the course. This was a full day of skill demonstration exercises which we practiced until we could confidently perform the required skills required to that point. By the end of the day I felt confident in my skill knowledge so far in the practical use of equipment and safety aspects of diving. I attended another club night before finally heading to the Capernwray dive site near Lancaster for the open water section of the course over two days. Everything was explained to us beforehand in the pre dive briefings. We then went out into the water to be shown the skills and then demonstrate that we could perform these ourselves until we were proficient. I felt in good hands throughout the learning process from start to finish and had such a great time as well.

Neil Monkman, August 2021,Sheffield

I have just completed my Rescue Diver, EFR and O2 courses with Diveworld. All courses were excellent. Rescue Diver was particularly challenging, but Steve and "victim/patient" Russ made it interesting,to say the least! The support and help I have received from Diveworld over the last 2 years means I have now reached the level of PADI Master Scuba Diver, which I would not have done without their unwaivering help and support.

Kath Simpson July 2021,Chester

I did 5 awesome dives. All of the dives were magnificent. I was watched every second by world class coaches who relentlessly advised me on tips for: buoyancy, trim, breathing techniques and more.The two stand out dives were with: Louise Kiyani (MI #640295) and Paul Pursehouse (AI #354680). Louise is symmetrical to myself in terms of: outlook, positive spirit and natural affinity towards adventure! We have a real good dynamic in and out of the water. I’m non-stop with questions about diving and Louise always goes out of her way to answer each and every one. I trust Louise as my dive mentor implicitly. On the Saturday dive I had Paul Pursehouse with me. I casually asked “So Paul, how many dives have you done then”? He calmly replied “oh thousands!” From that instant I advised him “I’m all ears. I want you to mould me in to a skilled diver”. That’s exactly what he did all day with so much persistence all day. He would gesture with his hands to illustrate neutral buoyancy. He would applaud me with plaudits after exhibiting good elements of technique. He’s an absolute asset to the PADI community. His patience, experience and natural instructional clarity is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before in similar sports. I will dive with Paul on any given opportunity I can moving forward. I’m only a novice diver with less than 10 dives. Because of Lou and Paul’s passion for the sport, personalities and world class coaching skills, they’ve propelled me towards wanting to do as much diving as possible, whenever possible, wherever possible. I endeavour to go as high as possible with PADI. My aim is to become a Divemaster before 30. I would have never dreamed of such an ambitious target but with this team I honestly deem it attainable.

Ty Wilson-Higham, July 2021,Sheffield

The staff are extremely friendly, helpful and undeniably experienced. They made me feel comfortable and safe the entire time and I have a massive fear of the water. The knowledge they hold is extensive and I cannot wait to do more dives and gain more experience through this wonderful team.

Isabelle Nicholson July 2021, Sheffield

Always a first class experience with Diveworld. Knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and very experienced. I look forward to more certs and trips with this great team.

Simon Roden, June 2021,Sheffield

I`d like to share feedback and my experience with Diveworld (S-3647) on my recent PADI Search and Recovery course. It would be fair to say this doesn’t just cover S&R but all the courses I have completed under their excellent guidance. They are exceptionally knowledgable, patient, safe and all round excellent. They make you feel at ease and take the time to explain and demonstrate everything in detail. My courses have been run by Steven Hird (CD 626900) and I highly recommend his and Diveworld`s tuition.

Daniel Speak May 2021,Edinburgh

If you're looking to get into diving Diveworld is the best place to go! Started with the "discover scuba" experience day and fell in love from the first minute! Just finished my PADI Open Water qualification and the experience was amazing! Steve and Louise are absolutely lovely and wonderful teachers! I've learned loads of things next to them and I really can't wait to get deeper into diving with more courses !!!

Panos Pogiaridis May 2021,Sheffield

Just completed my PADI Open Water Course and Dry Suit course with Steve from Diveworld it’s been a good week up in Capernwray, Steve is a brilliant instructor and both Louise and Steve have been really helpful from start to finish,I would definitely recommend Diveworld!

Dylan Chadwick April 2021,Chesterfield

"I’ve recently completed my Divemaster course with Diveworld, Sheffield S-3647 and felt it was only right to drop you an email with my experience. I started diving with Diveworld back in 2016, and have since completed many courses from advanced open water right through to Divemaster, with plenty of specialities in between. Most of my courses completed I’ve had the privilege of completing under the guideship of Steven Hird # 626900. I can honestly say I have enjoyed every minute of diving with Steve, and the time I’ve spent with him so far has helped shape me into the diver I am today. His enthusiasm for the sport is refreshing to be around, and makes learning that little bit easier. Since starting the Divemaster course it has given me the opportunity to spend time around Louise Kiyani #640295. Her teaching method is fantastic to watch and learn from. She is awesome with the open water students especially, and really puts them at ease, it’s been a pleasure to learn from watching and helping her. She has a story for every situation and no minute is ever boring while around her. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with both Steve, Louise and their team so far, and can honestly say they are an asset to PADI. I have enjoyed every minute of the last few years with Diveworld, and look forward to many more with them. I hope this email goes a little way into showing you the brilliant efforts Steve and Louise go to into running such a successful PADI dive Centre".

James Hudson January 2021, Sheffield

I did my open water with dive world and hope to carry on my diving qualifications with them. They were really helpful and my instructors and divemasters were very knowledgeable and great teachers

Arun Booth October 2020, Barnsley

Diveworld have been amazing! Felt totally confident in all instructors, they have been calm, knowledgeable and encouraging to all the divers during our course - I couldn't thank Louise and Steve enough for this amazing weekend! Can't wait for more Div world trips! 10/10

Beth Davidson October 2020, Sheffield

I had an amazing time learning from the instructors. They were all extremely skilled and interesting people. I would tell anyone and everyone who wants to learn how to dive to go with them, they will not regret it.

Izadora Rowe October 2020, Bakewell

Great day completing my Underwater Navigation course with Steve Hird as the instructor. Really informative and enjoyable course, held at Capernwray. Really recommend this course and of course Diveworld. Thanks

Kath Simpson October 2020, Chester

I have just completed my Open Water with dive world. And I can’t thank the team enough. The information, knowledge and experience the team as a collective offer to students priceless. Due to the preparation and standards that the guys held us to I never felt overwhelmed or out of my depth at all. Could not recommend Dive-world enough. Not only did I learn a lot and had a great time with great people so thank you guys can’t wait for our next adventure

Matthew Smales September 2020, Sheffield

Fantastic staff all round, in particular Matt and Steve made sure my skills for the open course were up to scratch before moving on and their professional competence is amazing and reassuring. Genuinely really solid 1st experience diving

Avago August 2020, Sheffield

We recently completed our Underwater Navigation course through Diveworld (S-3647). Once again the quality and professionalism provided from Steve Hird (CD #626900) was of the highest standard. The pre-dive briefing was detailed,clear and concise leaving all of us knowing exactly what was expected. It was a pleasure to dive with the team once again, we look forward to many more dive adventures.

Jill, Paul & Bailey Leighton September 2020, Sheffield

Came back from an absolutely wonderful weekend in Capernwray with Diveworld. We had a bespoke weekend obtaining our Deep Dive and Dry Suit Speciality courses, and progressed to advanced. The weekend was planned to a T. B&B was spot on. Steve was our instructor, better than 10 out of 10. The expertise is evident and he is so patient. Can’t wait to dive with them again, already eyeing up the trips they have on.

Sophie August 2020, Sheffield

I undertook the rescue course with Diveworld to become a more confident and proficient diver and to enable me to lend a helping hand to other divers when they are in need of assistance. The course definitely delivered and I cannot recommend Diveworld enough. Our instructor, Steve, has years of diving experience and delivered the course content very well. Steve, along with his assistant instructor Chris, also provided great demonstrations of how to handle each scenario and could answer all of our questions. All in all the light-hearted learning environment coupled with the extensive instructor knowledge and experience made for a very enjoyable and rewarding weekend of diver training. It's easy to see why Diveworld is a 5* dive centre and I will certainly continue my diver development with Diveworld.

Matt Redfern July 2020, Sheffield

Another fantastic weekend diving with Diveworld. Watching trainees grow in confidence in the skills they are being taught by Diveworld. Awesome event where one diver was shown she could hover without the need for extra weights - Great trainers and staff

John Deal July 2020, Sheffield

Just returned from a confidence building, supportive weekend with the guys from Diveworld. Their patience and understanding is paying off and I am becoming a better diver every dive that goes by. The whole team are fantastic, but special thanks to Lou this weekend for stealing my ankle weights and proving I don't need them. Diveworld's fantastic team are just brilliant.

Kath Simpson July 2020, Chester

Lots of courses available, professional and friendly staff. Regular club nights and great trips abroad for all levels.

Katy Coleman July 2020, Sheffield

Fantastic with kids My daughter loved every minute of the Seal Course she was attending. Everything is priced very reasonably, no problems to afford the follow up lessons. Every time she went, she had great experience and learned something new.

Suzana Barincova July 2020, Sheffield

Great scuba diving establishment. Very knowledgeable and experienced Friendly staff and instructors. Full set of courses available for novice to experienced divers and club events held in pools / confined open water / trips domestic and international.

Simon Olewicz July 2020, Sheffield

Excellent team I would dive with them anytime they are very friendly and cater for all levels of divers whether you are experienced or a passionate starter.

Abs Elawa July 2020, Sheffield

Having learnt to dive in the warm waters of the Far East, I was intrigued to see what the UK had to offer. 4 years and a few hundred dives later Diveworld are responsible for an awesome journey from Drysuit Diver to Rescue to Divemaster and finally OWSI. You know when you learn 2 dive with Diveworld you’re going to come out of the end a quality diver with some quality memories. The professionalism mixed with the teams energy is the best I’ve seen from a club or dive shop; and the courses, trips and diving holidays on offer are never ending. A personal favourite is the Plymouth wreck diving weekend, a must-not-miss if you like rusty lumps of metal full of history and life!!! Keep up the great work Steve and Lou!!

Tom Aukland July 2020, Doncaster

Weather you need instruction, advice or just some fun dives dive world has you covered.

Elijah Moorey July 2020, Sheffield

I learned to dive with Diveworld a few years ago and have done several specialisms since. Always friendly and approachable, and always feels safe, with the instructors totally in control.

Paul Brabban July 2020, Sheffield

Diveworld offers a wide range and depth of expertise for all levels of divers. Friendly and experienced staff who all walk the talk. Want to learn to dive, then look no further.

Sarah Owen July 2020, Sheffield

Great dive center with amazing staff that teach many amazing courses from beginner to professional. Highly recommend dive world

Matt Walton, Sheffield

Just absolutely brilliant! As a freediver by trade, they made the learning and transition to scuba so easy and so enjoyable! Wonderful team, lovely people and the instructors are fantastic, they know their stuff so well. Put me right at ease and made me want to scuba all the time now, hoping to become a permanent member of their family!

Steve Millard, Manchester

I learnt to dive with Diveworld in 2005 and have continued my diving journey with them. This is a friendly, experienced and professional dive centre which caters for all levels and abilities. Whether you’re wanting to try diving for the first time in a swimming pool or want to continue to a professional diving qualification, Diveworld is the only dive centre that you need to consider. In addition to providing excellent diving instruction, they also organise UK and overseas trips and holidays, all highly recommended by me.

Mick Derrick July 2020, Sheffield

As a Diveworld scuba instructor I have seen the club from both student and staff member prospective. I have seen the professional way that training is given and also the time, effort and encouragement that Steve and Louise put into training their staff to the highest standards. I am proud to be a member of the Diveworld team and would recommend them to anyone starting out on their scuba journey or continuing your dive education.

David Yates July 2020, Chesterfield

Always available to answer queries. Without diveworld's encouragement I would not have re-activated my diving qualification

Sue Colbeck June 2020, Sheffield

Whether you’re along for your first scuba experience or studying to be an instructor you’re guaranteed professional guidance and a friendly welcome from everyone at Diveworld. I’ve joined them on their trips overseas and weekends away around the UK, along with completing my recreational and professional courses over several years and can’t praise the dive team enough. Highly recommended.

Jamie Hird June 2020, South Shields

I first met Steve and Lou who run Diveworld at their shop where I bought some equipment for an upcoming holiday. I passed my Padi open water and on my return was keen to join Diveworld for one of their club nights at Ponds forge. I was made to feel welcome and safe. All of their instructors are brilliant at teaching and in a fun way too. I passed my Padi advanced diver with them and I'm now signed up for rescue diver. I can highly recommend Diveworld either for a beginner like me or to improve what you already know.

John Hammil June 2020, Sheffield

Best place around sheffield to go to. Instructors and the staff are amazing. Quality of the courses is very good. Am happy that I chose them.

Tomas Petrouscas, Sheffield

5 star service from a PADI 5 star center. I first joined Diveworld 7 years ago to take my dive master course. I enjoyed the ambience and professional encouragement so much that I stayed on their team as a dive master, and later with the support of Lou and Steve progressed forward to become an assistant instructor. I've dived all over the world in the last 12 years with various dive operations, and nowhere else have I encountered the professionalism, encouragement and humor that this company projects Thanks Lou, Steve and the rest of the team.

Paul Pursehouse June 2020, Sheffield

I joined Diveworld as an OW diver but with only a few dozen dives in warm waters. My aim was to learn drysuit diving for British waters and also further my other diving skills. Lou and Steve were very welcoming from the offset and helped me plan out my training to make the most of the weather here and join the many trips they organise! Have a look at the blog on the learn2dive website! The family-like club atmosphere is hugely appealing and there is a wide variety of trips and activities that run throughout the year, for all diving levels! While I certainly enjoy warm relaxing dives and spend most of my time pointing a camera at fishies, I have also progressed technically through Diveworld's courses, guidance and the peer-support within. I've gained confidence gradually and will soon be looking at progressing through Rescue stages. Safety is the main factor in my diving practice and Diveworld constantly strives to offer the highest quality training and equipment. All the instructors are beyond reproach and excel at making dives fun and memorable, regardless of the diving conditions! Diving is not a cheap sport but Diveworld definitely gives you 100% quality and peace of mind.

GM, Sheffield

Louise and Steve go out of the way to make the experience enjoyable and rewarding. I would highly recommend, this Divecentre , if you want the full diving experience.

Barrie Mcphilbin, Manchester

I have started learning to dive, as I was the one stood on the side watching everyone else having fun. The experience is out of this world, everyone should give it a try. My 14 year old son trained with them along with my husband, I now get to dive with the rest of my family. This has all been achieved through the support from Steve and Louise at Diveworld. The staff are very friendly, give clear instructions, and guide you through every process. They are a very dedicated bunch, their enjoyment of the sport inspires you to want to achieve more. I would recommend them over and over again.

Jill Leighton June 2020, Sheffield

Great technical advice & great training (full face mask). 100% recommended for sure.

David Keep June 2020, Manchester

I highly recommend Dive world for experienced and inexperienced first time divers as I was. From the moment I walked into the Diveworld shop I knew I was in the right place for me . Steve and Louise are very professional and they’re no nonsense approach made me feel extremely safe and in good hands.All Diveworld instructors are there to help and encourage you every single step of the way to reach your goal, gaining your PADI certification. All equipment is provided and is of the highest standard and very well looked after. When I gained my PADI certificate I was able to go on and dive abroad confidently and could see by watching other experienced divers that I had been trained extremely well and was more than capable of diving independently .Thank you to all at Diveworld for your patience, humour and kindness . Arlene

David Keep June 2020, Manchester

I highly recommend Dive world for experienced and inexperienced first time divers as I was. From the moment I walked into the Diveworld shop I knew I was in the right place for me . Steve and Louise are very professional and they’re no nonsense approach made me feel extremely safe and in good hands.All Diveworld instructors are there to help and encourage you every single step of the way to reach your goal, gaining your PADI certification. All equipment is provided and is of the highest standard and very well looked after. When I gained my PADI certificate I was able to go on and dive abroad confidently and could see by watching other experienced divers that I had been trained extremely well and was more than capable of diving independently .Thank you to all at Diveworld for your patience, humour and kindness . Arlene

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