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TESTIMONIALS Here`s what people say about their Diveworld experience.

‘The weekend at Capernwray was a sensational experience, I couldn't pick any one key member out of the dive team, they were all absolutely fantastic and made me feel very welcome and relaxed over the weekend. Learning with Instructor Mat Walton was fantastic, he seems to have a very extensive wealth of knowledge on scuba diving and it showed during the practical and theory parts of the course, plus he's a good laugh! I look forward to diving with him again. Steve as the Co-founder of the club was great as per usual, offering advice whenever I asked for it, even though he was busy on another course with another student he always had time for everybody that needed it. It was a great weekend and I can't wait for the next! Long live Diveworld! ’

Jack Nicholson PADI Specialty Diver Courses - January 2020,Sheffield UK

‘‘Earlier this year I passed my open water while on holiday. On my return I was keen to find a dive club so that I could continue my training as a PADI diver. I checked in at Diveworld in Sheffield UK. I found them to be very professional and friendly and was soon in the pool at one of their club nights. I signed up to do my advanced course with them and David Yates MSDT#362924 was my instructor. I cannot thank Dave enough for his expert knowledge and brilliant way of helping me to understand what was required.He was helpful throughout each dive and then after the dive helping me to understand what I needed to do to improve my technique for the next dive. By the end of the course I was feeling confident and eager to sign up for further courses which was largely down to Dave's expert instruction ’

John Hammill PADI Dry Suit Diver - January 2020,Fleetwood,UK

Wow, wow, wow, what an incredible experience completing my PADI Open Water and Dry Suit courses with you and the team at Diveworld. I was looking for a professional dive school that would meet my individual needs and you certainly delivered that ten fold. I can`t thank every single person involved in my training enough for their patience in building up my skills to go on and enjoy the open water dives. Louise, Steve and the team really delivered, HUGE thanks. It was a comfort to makes my first dives in the knowledge that I have the support and encouragement of such professional instructors who also made it fun and an extremely enjoyable experience. Thanks especially to Louise, Steve, Shaun, Paul, Sarah. Mat, Dave, Mark & Chris. Excellent stuff! ’

Arlene Carter PADI Open Water & Dry Suit Diver November 2019, Sheffield, United Kingdom

‘‘Thought it would be nice to pass on some thoughts regarding my Adaptive Techniques speciality course with Diveworld. First of all, wow!! I wasn't sure what to expect, but it's something that got my attention being a little different to other courses. First off, being wheeled round our leisure centre in a wheel chair to appreciate the hazards and also the work that goes into things to make places accessible is eye opening, which leads to the blind experience just to start off with. Our instructor, Steven Hird, is just a pleasure to work with! His depth of knowledge put myself and my buddy well at ease. Now it's one thing being in a pool practising these skills, but open water is where you really learn to trust that person, and them you when you role reverse. I personally rate the course up with rescue in terms of learning. I've been left in awe of anyone with disabilities to overcome and feel I have the knowledge to be a more informed buddy if I ever have the chance. Here's looking forward to my next course, which I already have in my hands.’ ’

Lee Hewitt PADI Adaptive Techniques Diver - October 2019, Sheffield UK

I undertook my Peak Performance Buoyancy Course, with Diveworld – Centre Number: S-3647, during the weekend of 12/13 October 2019. Diveworld have been extremely patient with me this year, as I have had to change course dates several times, due to ear problems/operations. I was anxious not to have any more problems with my ear and my Dive Instructor, Steven Hird (CD#626900) was extremely reassuring and allowed me to progress at my own speed. Steven and Lou from Diveworld have been so helpful and I look forward to undertaking more courses with them and joining them in future diving adventures. I cannot recommend Diveworld highly enough. ’

Kath Simpson PADI Peak Performance Specialist October 2019, Sheffield, United Kingdom

‘I have done most of my diving in warm water (shorty temperatures) so I have not done many dives in a dry suit. Last time I was in a dry suit my buoyancy left something to be desired. Steve Hird (CD#626900) suggested I do a PPB course followed by some fun dives with an experienced buddy. What brilliant advice - Steve ran the course with his usual professionalism and attention to detail on the Saturday in a relaxed manner. We were a mixed bunch with varying levels of experience, and he devoted the necessary time to each of us individually to enable us to improve our buoyance control. On the Sunday he let me tag along with his dives – What great service from him and Diveworld. ’

John Deal PADI Peak performance Specialist Diver - October 2019, Sheffield UK

‘Could you please thank Instructor Dave Yates for his excellent training and the way he made it so much fun and Divemaster Wayne as well – they were both fantastic and made the weekend a lot of fun and are both very very good trainers. Their approach makes it fun and easier to understand, with each dive I progressed very quickly which is a testament to their skill. The last dive was almost like night diving – I found it great fun. I will certainly highly rate Dave and the club later on. I hope to meet up with you all very soon. .’

Craig Hayes PADI Advanced Open Water and Dry Suit Diver - September 2019, Sheffield UK

PADI has received some very nice comments from Jo Hanson, whose son recently learned to dive with you. ‘I would like recognition to be given to all members of the team at Diveworld, Sheffield but especially Louise Kiyani MI#640295, Mark Bray IDCS#380491 and Paul Pursehouse AI#354680. These guys have been amazing with my 12 year old autistic son, who is currently working through various courses with all the support and encouragement from the team. They have been a massive part of building his confidence but also give the support to me and offer the best advice. I am one very proud parent that even with his additional needs the team were there every step of the way and everyone made time and effort to make sure he was getting the knowledge to be able to progress in something he loves doing, and also to feel part of something amazing- part of the scuba world!! this I feel opens so many doors for him. What amazing people they are, I can’t thank them enough for all the hard work, grit and determination in giving my boy an amazing skill.’

Jo Hanson on behalf of her son Alfie, PADI Junior Open Water Diver August 2019, Sheffield, United Kingdom

‘We cannot thank Louise Kiyani enough. Her enthusiasm, skill, patience and sheer enjoyment at teaching us was truly amazing and we had fun every step of the way! A brilliant experience and one we will never forget. Not forgetting all of the Dive Team at Diveworld as well, everyone we have met along the way have been excellent. From in the pool during our skills checks to the bi-monthly pool sessions they run. I cannot praise them highly enough, we have made dive buddies galore and cannot wait to dive more with them.’

Richard & Louise Summerhayes PADI Open Water Diver - July 2019, Sheffield UK

Wow, what an incredible experience completing my PADI Open Water Diver and PADI Dry Suit Speciality courses with you and the team at Diveworld over the last two weekends. I was looking for a team to provide the theory, practice, experience and patience to build my confidence and skills to go on and enjoy open water diving and you, Steve and the team really delivered - huge thanks. It was a comfort to make my first dives in the knowledge I had the support and encouragement of such professional instructors who also helped make it a fun and extremely enjoyable experience. I hope I managed to say thanks to everyone involved at the sessions and will hopefully have the chance to thank everyone again when I dive with you in the future to build on my new skills, but just in case, please feel free to pass this e-mail on to the team and use in your testimonials. I will definitely be sending these positive comments to PADI and recognising the great commitment especially from Louise, Steve, Andy and Russ. Excellent stuff.

Jonathan Buckle PADI Open Water Diver & Dry Suit Diver- June 2019, Sheffield UK

Thank you Louise and Steven so very much for a fantastic constructive weekend`s diving. You and all the team at Dive World proved to be a highly professional organisation and one which I am grateful to have chosen to help me acquire my certifications in PADI Open Water Diving, PADI Enriched Air Diving and Dry Suit Speciality. The encouragement and positive outlook on all aspects of the learning process has left me in no doubt that I will recommend your Diving School without hesitation. I’m looking forward to learning further skills and hopefully become a successful experienced diver with your assistance. Simply put - Just an all round great experience. Please pass on my very best regards to all the team.

Ian Curtis PADI Open Water Diver, Dry Suit Diver & more, June 2019, Sheffield UK

I would like to comment on the excellent service provided by Diveworld (S-3647). Both my husband and I have been PADI divers for 15 years. We decided to book the PADI Open Water for my daughter, aged 11.During the course her instructors, Louise Kiyani (MI #640295), Divemaster Richard Boulter have given 100% support and ensured that my daughter has had a great learning experience. Newly qualified now, she is now looking at some further specialty courses, e.g. Photography. We would highly recommend Diveworld (S-3647) to learn to Dive and if you are already divers, then we would recommend the Centre for other courses also.

Norgas Forster on behalf of Amber Forster PADI Junior Open Water Diver June 2019, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Fantastic weekend 18-19th May with the team at Diveworld, I first went into the dive centre in Sheffield and was greeted by an enthusiastic team, I had a lengthy chat with Louise explaining that I had done my open water course abroad and keen to progress, naturally in the UK a dry suit is needed so I signed up for the course that day back in April, forward to the 18-19th May I completed the dry suit course and had a fantastic weekend spent with these guys, very friendly, approachable and extremely professional. Looking forward to continuing diving with them and gaining my next qualifications. I highly recommend Diveworld, from those taking the first steps into the water to those continuing their underwater adventure.

Andy Hutchinson PADI Dry Suit Diver, May 2019

Just completed my Rescue Diver with Diveworld (centre No. S-3647), after completing EFR and Oxygen administration also with Diveworld. Their knowledge and experience added to the course material, bringing it to life in a practical and understandable way. Their attention to detail not just on the big items but also the small items is fantastic. It was a hard but immensely enjoyable course. During the exercises, I felt completely safe in their hands. Which all went to help reduce the stress of using new knowledge that allowed me to concentrate on applying it. Review and feedback to students after each exercise meant we were better next time we did it. We had a brilliant team in Instructor Steven Hird (CD# 626900) and his assistants, Mark Bray, (IDCS #380491 and Richard Boulter (DM #423522). Thanks guys job well done!!

John Deal PADI Rescue Diver, May 2019

I have just done my Padi Open Water training with Diveworld Sheffield, UK. Steve talked to me before deciding to go ahead- he was is brilliant calm, informed and professional throughout. Louise did the training in the classroom and open water in the Red Sea Egypt and supervised the closed water training in the pool in Sheffield She was professional, patient and inspiring. I was scared, excited and felt challenged. I still can’t believe it all happened. A positive life changing experience.

Helen Crooks PADI Open Water Diver March 2019, London, United Kingdom

I wanted to email with some praise for one of your PADI dive centres : Diveworld in Sheffield. I learned to dive with them a year ago, and have been diving in many locations around the world since. I could not have felt more prepared, comfortable or at ease in the water as a result of their training. All the instructors are incredible. Their passion for diving is easily seen, and they go above and beyond to help you develop your skills and fall in love with diving. This is shown from a recent trip I went on with them to Marsha Shagra in Egypt. There were a whole range of people from aged 10 upwards who had all come together with a love of diving, all as a result of Diveworld, their passion and their enthusiasm. If you had told me a year ago I would be going on a diving holiday with a group of people I hardly knew, I would have laughed. However, this has been one of the best holidays I have been on and I would jump at the opportunity to go again! I would like to give a special mention to Louise, who is an incredible instructor. She knows what to do in every situation and I could not feel more safe diving with her. Not only is she an excellent instructor, but she genuinely cares about each and every student she teaches. So many dive schools see you as just a number to get you through training, but Diveworld is different. They are a community and a family, one which I hope to be part of for many years to come. I wanted to send an email with praise as these days so many people only email when they have a problem, and the places that are doing an amazing job often get overlooked. If I were PADI, I should be proud to have such an amazing dive centre as part of my organisation.

Laura Coddington PADI Advanced Open Water 2018, Sheffield, United Kingdom

I completed my Open Water in Thailand & I instantly got the diving bug. So, what's the first thing I did? Look for the best diving school in Yorkshire; Diveworld.” “I contacted them and without delay I received a detailed response giving me tonnes of information about how they operate, their dive club & club nights at Ponds Forge, Sheffield. I instantly felt welcomed and at home!” “I've had the pleasure of being under the direct instruction of Course Director Steven Hird, which has given me the confidence to continue my diving adventures!” “I have completed 5 Specialty courses with Steve & all have been more than thorough, detailed and every i dotted and every t crossed!” “Not only has this made me want to progress to MSD, but someday in the near future I'd like to move on to becoming a PADI Pro.” “So, I just thought that you could give my personal thanks to the team at Diveworld. After all, it would mean the world to them coming from PADI!

Luke Crowther PADI Rescue Diver Nov 2017

Just finished written exams and confined water dives .....what a joy, the learning is broken down so even a thicko like me can learn and it all makes sense in the end. The staff are a great friendly bunch that are so enthusiastic about diving that its very contagious. I`ve been on loads of courses through work & for work but this was a course for me and for my enjoyment ..would recommend friends come and have a go, you`re in for a brilliant experience, looking dorward to my open water in a couple of weeks as well as dry suit special and enriched air course

Vin Wightman PADI Open Water Diver (almost)Nov 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom

I completed my Open Water course with Diveworld back in September 2016 and it was without a doubt the best decision I have ever made. It has literally been life changing for me and I’ve fell head over heels (or should I say fins!) in love for scubadiving. Within the past year I’ve met some amazing people and can’t thank the Diveworld team enough for everything they’ve done to get me to where I am today. I’ve recently finished my Rescue Diver course which was brilliantly ran by Course Director Steven Hird, so challenging but so much fun at the same time. Achieving this has just allowed me to apply for my MSD rating and I’ve now signed up for Divemaster training. I cannot wait to get started and develop my diving further with a fantastic team of people around me to learn from. The Diveworld trips are always very well organised, all down to the efforts of Lou and Steve who work tirelessly to ensure everything and everyone is sorted. I can never wait until the next trip, always counting down and itching to get back in the water! Really looking forward to some wreck diving in Plymouth this weekend, Maldives liveaboard in January and Marsa Shagra in March! Scubadiving has literally become an obsession of mine and I just want to be involved in everything. The love and enthusiasm for it at this club is definitely contagious! So a massive thank you to Lou, Steve and all the Diveworld team, I’m feeling extremely lucky to be a part of this club and so excited to see what the future holds

Akila Khan PADI Rescue Diver 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom

I`ve just completed a series of courses, including PADI Rescue Diver with Diveworld in Sheffield.Every course was delivered professionally but with such enthusiasm and enjoyment that I now want to achieve the next levels and move onto professional training. The club has a fantastic social feel to each meet up and over the last 12 months I have met many new dive buddies that have become good friends. My thanks to Steve Hird & Louise Kiyani and all at the Learn2Dive Team, looking forward to joining you as a PADI Divemaster in the near future.

Richard BoulterPADI Rescue Diver Oct 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom

When I first came to Diveworld I had Advanced Open Water but had not dived for 5 years. In the last 18 months I have gone from ReActivate to PADI Divemaster trainee, which is almost completed. Diveworld have been great through every step helping me build confidence and passing on their knowledge and love of the sport. I heartily recomend Diveworld to anyone whether it is your first time diving or especially if you want to go pro.;

Imogen Cain PADI Divemaster 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Just completed PADI Rescue Diver and joined Diveworld. The staff are very friendly and make you welcome. The training and their depth of knowledge is excellent. I would tell anyone who wants to learn to dive to go to Diveworld.

David Charlton PADI Rescue Diver Oct 2017, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Absolutely fantastic, can`t thank you enough!I always fancied scuba diving whilst I was on holiday but always ended up bottling out so decided to do a try dive in a pool in Sheffield with Diveworld. Initially I thought this wasn't for me & I can't do it but decided not to let fear win and did it again and the second time I loved it but it wasn't enough and I needed more so nipped into the shop for a chat about it and spoke to Steve who is so passionate about the sport and so knowledgeable about it I opted to enroll on the PADI Open Water course which was intense to say the least. The home theory was easy enough but when I was in the water it was a different ball game. I had Jen, Gareth and Denise training me as I lost pace with the rest of the group however they were all brilliant and taught me everything I needed to know (& more).
When I got out to do the open water assessment at Capernwray (which was a glorious weekend) I was brimming with confidence on the first three dives but on the fourth I had an issue with equalising and got out to regroup. When Mat had finished with the rest of the team he got me back in and on the second time of asking I cracked it.
Needless to say in three short months I've gone from not being able to dive to becoming part of the Diveworld family. I can not recommend them enough, they're all great down to earth people who are so passionate about diving. If like me you are unsure call in or nip down on a club night at Ponds Forge.

Alex Clubb Sheffield, United Kingdom

Thank you so much to Diveworld for getting me through my Open water course at Capernwray Everyone's support and encouragement was overwhelming. Louise & Steve, you have the most amazing team of instructors who are all fantastic in the amount of support and patience they have, I simply can't thank you all enough. Gareth, Denise, Mark, Anton and Mark - thank you all so, so much!! By the end of Sunday's dive 5 I could see why you all love diving and really enjoyed our last dive, amazing! Looking forward to seeing you all again at club nights and on future trips  x”

Amy Mitchell Open Water Diver, Sheffield, United Kingdom

My 13-year-old son and I recently completed our PADI Open Water Course and Dry Suit Specialty with the brilliant Diveworld. I would like to thank Steven Hird and Louise Kiyani for their expert tuition in the classroom and the pool. Special thanks must go to Gareth Davison and the rest of our instructors (Mark Bray, Russ Cooksey, Denise Lyon and Sarah Owen), for their support and endless patience in helping us achieve our qualifications I would like to say a big THANK YOU! I also want to thank all the other club members who attended the open water weekend for making it a lovely, friendly social event too. Would I recommend Diveworld to anyone thinking of learning to scuba dive? Yes! Without hesitation. It is professionally run and all the instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly, patient and very supportive.

Mick Whincup DSD, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Thank you so much to the Diveworld team for getting me through my Open Water and Dry Suit Speciality.The teams patience and kindness really filled me with so much confidence I can't thank you enough. The time and effort put in to the teaching is fantastic you couldn't wish for better instructors. When it came to Capernwray 6 degree water is enough to put anyone off but Mat Walton did a brilliant job of getting me through the open water dives. I loved every minute of it, thank you! Thank you also to Mick Derrick and Chris Brown who were on hand with great support over the weekend. Diveworld really is an amazing team and I would 110% recommend anyone that wants to give Scuba Diving a go to get in touch with the them. Here's to the start of my Scuba Diving adventures!!

Kim AuklandOpen Water Diver, Doncaster, United Kingdom